Now here comes the event which is the biggest game of the biggest day which is going to astonish you and will force Santa’s wild rideyou to go for its play which is the Santa’s wild ride. The names of the online pokies games are so attractive and funny that you cannot stop yourself to go for the play. The names of the events can be based on anything which you cannot even imagine and for this a huge round of applaud for the development team of the Microgaming. When you will visit its sites you will get the names may be based on famous tv series, cartoon characters, movies, any eve and much more.

Santa’s wild rideIt was by chance that I came across the event. This event is from the Microgaming team and it is a five-reel slot that is easy to use. It is also unique because it offers 243 ways to win.

This is also said to the classical game because it bears the feature of single payline which gives the users the max chance of making the win. The designing and the graphics of this one is designed in such a way that it will give you the feel as if you are in the celebration of Christmas whenever you go for the play.

It gives the chance to go for the betting of the coins with five coins through each line and the range of the coins when used during the betting ranges from $0.01 to the max of $0.05. So go for the bet and get the moment to lift the fortunium jackpot  of 800 coins and that can be earned by hitting five of the logo of the play.

Play Gonzo’s quest free slots

NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest slot is a popular one, along with Starburst. Gonzo’s Quest was launched in 2010 and is still very popular in online casinos. Gonzo’s Quest is a slot game where Gonzalo Pizarro, an explorer, embarks on a quest to find the mysterious gold treasure of Eldorado. The game’s environment comprises the remains of ancient Mayan civilizations.

Slot Gonzo’s Quest is well-known for its “falling winners symbols” style.Net Entertainment gave the feature Avalancha, which means “avalanche.”This game mechanic is familiar to Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine. However, other slots have used the same concept long before NetEnt.This style of slot games was first brought to public attention by Gonzo’s adventures. The “falling symbol” slot game does not have reels.

Instead, symbols are thrown from above the area. Three characters from the same payline can explode, releasing more space and dropping new symbols onto it. Further signs may hit similar winning symbols, giving you a recent win. You can have multiple wins in one round.
Additional payout chances are also available for multiple wins in the same round. Apart from the traditional payout system, Gonzo’s Quest slot game offers two unique features: a wild symbol and the option to play “Free Fall” spins for free.”.Play money is required to play Gonzo’s Quest. The game has a theoretical return percentage of 96.00%. You can play the demo version of Gonzo’s Quest on Slotoz’s page without making a deposit. If you like this game, you can switch to real money play at an online casino listed on our site.

Gonzo’s Quest: Free Spins and Odds

Gonzo’s Quest offers more fantastic winnings if a player has more wins in a single game round. Payouts are based on the pay table. The first-game-round win is doubled. The first win is paid out twice, the second triples, and the fourth five times. The Wild symbol is a great way to create winning combinations. This symbol is a substitute for all other characters. A correctly matching combination can result in an “Avalanche” mechanism that generates an avalanche.

Wild symbols are a great way to increase the value of “Falling Symbols”, slot games. A Wild symbol can be used to affect several groups or even replace different characters. When the Wild symbol is combined with multiple winning symbols, it can lead to a combination of many wins. Three “Free Fall symbols” will allow players to play Gonzo’s quest for free.

These symbols cannot be used as scatter symbols. They must all point to the same payline. After collecting the chips, the player will be rewarded with ten free games, in which all wins are tripled. This multiplier is increased by the “Avalanche Bonus,” which means that free spins earn the player ten extra wins. The first payout is paid in triple. The second win is multiplied six times, and the third is born nine times. All winnings up to 15x are available after more than four wins tubes.

Santa Claus, our beloved Christmas figure, cruising the skies not on a conventional reindeer-led sleigh but atop a sturdy, rumbling motorcycle. This is Santa’s Wild Ride for you! Microgaming’s twist on the beloved holiday icon, laced with a streak of whimsy, is anything but ordinary. Elves and reindeer take a backseat here. Instead, Santa is joined by an ebullient Mrs. Claus, while an array of unconventional holiday fare – think Christmas pudding, turkey, mince pies, and beer! – adorns the game’s visual landscape.

A cool breeze of cheeky adventure whips through this festive game, eschewing the usual solemnity of Christmas themes. The game’s audio elements stay caught up, too, seamlessly harmonizing with the visuals and stirring up a holiday mood underscored by rousing Christmas carols.

Now, switch gears and dive into Gonzo’s Quest. Here, each win stirs up a ground-quaking tumult, akin to a cascading avalanche, as triumphant symbols shatter and new ones tumble down. It’s a spectacle that keeps the thrill meter spiked as you await the successive win with bated breath.

But that’s not all. The game brings to life the legend of Eldorado, rendering a stunning, lifelike ambiance – courtesy of NetEnt’s commitment to authenticity. Plus, a 3D Gonzo is cheering you on from the sidelines, even breaking into a moonwalk with each substantial win. This interactivity, married with an intriguing storyline and captivating graphics, cements Gonzo’s Quest as a timeless favorite.

So, here’s the crux: Santa’s Wild Ride and Gonzo’s Quest deliver an exciting concoction of distinct themes and gripping gameplay, challenging traditional slot games’ beaten path. Choose Santa’s audacious bike ride or side with Gonzo on his gold hunt – these online pokies promise an engaging, entertaining gaming odyssey. Catering to all types of players with flexible betting ranges and dangling the possibility of significant payouts, these games spell rewarding in every sense of the word.

In the realm of online gaming, Santa’s Wild Ride and Gonzo’s Quest stand as testaments to the remarkable evolution of slot games. Far from the monochrome, one-dimensional slots of yesteryear, these games emerge as vibrant, themed adventures, brimming with unique elements that transcend mere chance. Let’s embark on an exploration of these digital odysseys, uncovering the allure they hold for gamers and the cutting-edge technology that sets them apart.

Santa’s Wild Ride shatters the conventional image of Christmas, eschewing the typical sweetness for a splash of audacious fun. The gameplay mechanics mirror this unconventional theme with a plethora of bonuses. ‘Free Gift’ bonuses, for instance, emerge randomly on reels 2 and 4, offering players unexpected delights. The ‘Wild’ feature is particularly thrilling – imagine Santa on his motorcycle, transforming any symbol into a lucrative combination, thereby amplifying your wins. The game also introduces a ‘Free Spin’ feature, where players face a choice among three distinct types of wilds, each promising its own strategic advantage. This aspect infuses a layer of tactics into your play.

Contrastingly, Gonzo’s Quest takes us on a historical voyage, seamlessly integrated with the latest technology. The game’s standout feature, the ‘Avalanche,’ sees winning symbols vanish, paving the way for new ones and potentially racking up consecutive wins in a single spin. This mechanism doesn’t just add a dynamic flair to the game; it also significantly boosts winning probabilities. Immersive 3D graphics and interactive animations bring the character of Gonzo to life, pulling you into the heart of the quest. The ‘Free Fall’ feature, akin to conventional free spins, amplifies the excitement with increased multipliers for successive wins.

Both games exemplify the ingenuity of their creators – Microgaming and NetEnt. They harness sophisticated graphics, immersive sound effects, and inventive game mechanics, clearly distinguishing themselves from traditional slot offerings. The themes themselves – a daring Christmas escapade and a quest for the legendary city of Eldorado – showcase a bold, creative spirit, pushing the boundaries of what online gaming can be.

In summation, Santa’s Wild Ride and Gonzo’s Quest are not just games – they’re experiences. They meld enthralling stories with groundbreaking gameplay, catering to a broad spectrum of players, from slot veterans to newcomers seeking a dynamic gaming experience. These games epitomize the transformation of online slots into multifaceted, thematic journeys, promising not just the thrill of victory but also a mesmerizing plunge into diverse, fantastical realms.